Extensions finally arrive in Microsoft Edge

Edge is the replacement to the ageing Internet Explorer and it is the default web browser in Windows 10. However, users of Microsoft's new operating system have reacted with apathy and it has not inspired them to use it. The market share of Edge is [...]

2016/03/18 // 0 Comments

New features for Google Keep you must try

Google Keep on the desktop and on phones is a great app for creating reminders, storing notes and building to-do lists. Are you up to date with the latest features? Here are some new [...]

2016/02/11 // 0 Comments

Three top tools to fix your malware infected browser

There are many forms of malware and antivirus and other security software may not be effective against some types. Sometimes standard security software just isn’t good enough and you need special tools. Here are three great [...]

2015/03/29 // 0 Comments

Stop Chrome crashing and solve browser problems

Does Google Chrome keep crashing? Is it bloated and slow? Do you wish it was as fast, light and stable as it used to be a few years ago? If you are struggling with Chrome and having problems with it, there are simple solutions you should know [...]

2015/02/28 // 2 Comments

Create custom searches in Firefox for speed and convenience

We spend a lot of time in web browsers searching for information such as news, hobbies, research projects, work and so on. Anything that can make searching quicker and easier is welcome and here is a clever trick for Firefox that you may not be [...]

2015/02/03 // 0 Comments

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