Why is my hard disk not detected in the BIOS?

The BIOS or Basic Input Output System is basically a type of program that controls the actions of a computer. It’s very important because all the data flow is controlled by the BIOS. Hence, an error-free BIOS is very important and anything it [...]

2017/04/27 // 0 Comments

Search the disk at lightning speed in Windows

Windows has a built in search engine that can be used to find documents, apps, settings and other files on the disk drive. It is actually quite good at finding Windows settings and apps, but it is quote poor when it comes to finding files on the [...]

2015/01/26 // 0 Comments

Create encrypted containers to keep your files private

How do you protect the files on the computer’s disk drive so that only you can access them? One way is to encrypt them on a file by file basis and there are several utilities that can do this, but it is slow and tedious. A better method is to [...]

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Browse the disk with four times the power of Explorer

  There is no doubt that Windows Explorer is a useful tool and it enables you to browse the disks, folders and files on a Windows PC. You can view thumbnails of images, run programs, open documents, play music and much more. Is it the best way to [...]

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PrivaZer is the only privacy clean up tool you need

  I have looked at a lot of privacy and clean-up tools for Windows computers and some of them are pretty good. However, they are all very similar and they usually offer the same features. Apart from ease of use and a nice interface, there is little [...]

2014/12/17 // 0 Comments

Are you using the right Disk Clean-up tool in Windows 8?

  As the computer is used, temporary disk files are created, log files are written to, thumbnail caches grow, Windows updates are added and so on. None of these is essential and it just amounts to disk clutter. Too much can affect the performance [...]

2014/12/06 // 0 Comments

Create, resize, move partitions with Partition Wizard

Would an extra disk drive be useful for storing photos, videos, music and documents? How about installing an extra operating system, such as a different version of Windows or even Linux? This is possible using a free tool called MiniTool Partition [...]

2014/11/24 // 0 Comments

Create a super fast RAM disk

Disk drives lag behind other components in the PC in terms of performance and a computer would run a lot faster if it wasn’t for the slow disk drive. If only there was some way of speeding it up. An SSD (solid state disk) is an option, but they [...]

2014/08/19 // 0 Comments

Do you need to defrag SSD drives?

Some people seem to be unsure as to whether super fast SSDs - Solid State Disk drives - need to be defragmented. They know know disks become fragmented over time and that this slows them down, and that defragmenting them speeds them up again. So why [...]

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