Change the default programs for file types in Windows 8

  When you double click an audio file on the computer in an Explorer window, which program opens and plays it? When you double click a JPEG photo, which program is used to display it or edit it? What about PDFs? Does the right program always open [...]

2014/11/15 // 0 Comments

View phone notifications and more on your PC

When a new email, text message, or important event occurs on your phone, it can play a sound, vibrate, and perhaps turn the screen on to show message. This is fine if the phone is in your pocket or on the desk next to you, but what if you are [...]

2014/08/23 // 0 Comments

Enhance browser security with Avira Browser Safety

Security is a constant worry and when you are using the internet there is always someone, somewhere that is watching you. Mostly it is harmless and advertisers are always trying to get better information about the people that see their adverts, [...]

2014/06/01 // 1 Comment

Monitor web pages for changes automatically

Sometimes you want to know the minute a website or web page changes and it could be because of a breaking news story, concert tickets for your favourite artist going on sale, a new job listing you have been waiting for, and so on. Having to visit [...]

2014/05/04 // 1 Comment

Remove web clutter with Readability for Chrome

Some web pages are so cluttered that it is hard to read the actual content. There are menu bars, banner and skyscraper adverts, sharing buttons, links to other pages, comments and more. To make matters worse, many page elements trigger effects as [...]

2014/04/26 // 0 Comments