How to export images from a Word document

Suppose you receive a Word document that contains images and you want to save the images as separate files on the disk, perhaps to use them elsewhere. Suppose you created a document a long time ago and no longer have the original images. How do you [...]

2015/03/21 // 0 Comments

What happens when you cancel your Office subscription?

I had an Office 365 subscription and for various reasons I decided to cancel it. Some people may be wondering what happens to the Office programs you have installed and what happens to your documents, spreadsheets and other files. Here’s what [...]

2015/03/02 // 18 Comments

How to cancel or change Microsoft Office subscriptions

Microsoft Office used to be sold on CD and you paid the fee and that was that. Recently though, Microsoft has been encouraging use to download it from the internet and then pay a monthly subscription in order to use it. What if you decide you no [...]

2015/02/19 // 6 Comments

How to research information with the Word web app

  If you have a Microsoft (for any Microsoft service, such as email), you have access to OneDrive online storage. At OneDrive you then have access to the browser based Office web apps like Word Online. Just click the arrow to the right [...]

2014/10/04 // 0 Comments

Rescue documents with OneDrive previous versions

  Do you use Microsoft OneDrive to create and store documents like Word files? Whether you use Word on your computer and save files to the OneDrive folder on the PC’s disk drive, or use the free web apps at to create files online, [...]

2014/10/02 // 0 Comments

News roundup 5th Jun

The latest news stories over the last week. Microsoft increases OneDrive free storage Right now, Office 365 subscribers get 20GB of online storage space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This will be increased to 1TB – 1,000GB – [...]

2014/07/06 // 0 Comments

Use Microsoft Office in Linux

Microsoft Office is the standard when it comes to word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is used in millions of offices around the world and the file format has become a standard way to exchange documents. It runs on Windows and Apple [...]

2014/04/29 // 0 Comments

Search Word for invisible characters like tab and return

People do strange things in Word and if you work with documents created by others you will find odd things like lots of extra spaces at the end of lines and paragraphs, extra carriage returns where none is needed, multiple tabs, section breaks and [...]

2014/04/25 // 0 Comments

How to uninstall Office 2013 properly

It is easy to install software and try it out, so why isn't it just as easy to uninstall software? Uninstallers rarely perform a complete removal of software and there are often files and folders remaining, registry entries and so on. It really [...]

2014/04/15 // 0 Comments

New version of Microsoft Office coming

Microsoft has announced that there are now 3.5 million subscribers to Office 365, the suite of applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company has also revealed that there will be a new version of this suite and the aim is to boost [...]

2014/03/16 // 0 Comments