Turn ordinary videos into great hyperlapse videos

If you have some ordinary, perhaps even quite dull videos, you can turn them into exciting hyperlapse videos that will wow your friends or audience. All you need is a simple and free utility for your Windows [...]

2015/06/25 // 0 Comments

Create panoramas from videos that look fantastic

If you have ever taken a video clip where you panned the camera by swivelling your hips as you shoot, you could turn the video into an impressive panoramic photograph. All you need is ICE, a free Microsoft [...]

2015/06/22 // 0 Comments

Enhance your photos with InPixio for free

Not everyone needs Photoshop and while it may be a powerful tool, for simple photo editing jobs a simple editor is sometimes the best option. InPixio is a free photo editor that is fine for enhancing your [...]

2015/06/09 // 0 Comments

Change the default programs for file types in Windows 8

  When you double click an audio file on the computer in an Explorer window, which program opens and plays it? When you double click a JPEG photo, which program is used to display it or edit it? What about PDFs? Does the right program always open [...]

2014/11/15 // 0 Comments

Fix Windows Explorer crashes when opening a folder

  Windows Explorer seems to have a problem with certain types of photo or video files and it can crash when certain folders or files are accessed. This can happen when opening a folder in an Explorer window and it may be related to a problem that [...]

2014/11/05 // 0 Comments

Stop Google+ shrinking your photos

There are numerous online services wanting to store your photos and Google+ is no exception. It is particularly convenient for Android phone and tablet users because that is a Google OS. Google+ can be configured to back up every photo you take [...]

2014/08/26 // 0 Comments

Find and delete duplicate files

It can be hard keeping the contents of the disk drive organised and it is easy for it to become an unruly mess. After a few years, or perhaps just months, there could be duplicate files that waste space and confuse you. It is time to sort out the [...]

2014/08/08 // 7 Comments

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