Windows Update

Store Broker high CPU usage solved in Windows 8

An odd thing happened recently and I noticed that the fan on the computer was working harder than it should be. It wasn’t going flat out, but it was clearly audible when it is usually very quiet. This is a sign that the computer is working hard on [...]

2014/05/27 // 2 Comments

What to do with Windows XP when support ends

If you have read some of the reports on the internet about Windows XP you might wonder if the world will end on April 8th. It seems that your computer will either stop working or instantly become the target for every malware and hacker out there. Is [...]

2014/03/23 // 0 Comments

Fix Windows Update problems

Most people don't have a problem with Windows Update and it works fine, downloading essential updates in the background and automatically installing them when you shut down or restart. Sometimes though, Windows Update gets in a muddle and it may not [...]

2014/02/22 // 0 Comments