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Writers wanted

Have you got something to say? Do you want to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas on the latest technology and trends? You do? Then get a writer's account at RAWinfopages and start writing. You can post your own articles on this website for everyone to read.

You can type in articles directly using your web browser and the site's content management system. Just type and post, it couldn't be simpler.

Do I need experience?

No experience is necessary, but you need to be able to write clearly. Help is available with both writing and using the site to post articles. It's beginner-friendly.

Here's a step-by-step guide: How to post on RAW Computing.

The rules

  • The topic must fit in with the website - something technology related
  • A minimum of 5 - 600 words, but more is better
  • Include one or more public domain pictures if you can
  • The article must be unique, all your own work, and not posted elsewhere
  • You give RAWinfopages the right to publish it
  • All links are nofollow - it's not for building backlinks!

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Decide which site you want to write for:

  • RAW Computing - Windows PC, internet, cloud, general computing
  • RAW Apps - iOS, Android, phones, tablets, wearables, mobile
  • RAW Mac - Apple Mac and OS X

2. Email editorial@rawinfopages.com with the subject 'Writer account' and tell us about yourself, who you are and why you want to write for RAWinfopages.

3. Your request will be reviewed and we'll get back to you.

More information

This is a geat opportunity for new writers to join a growing site, learn how to create online articles and Creating an account is best if you want to become a regular contributor. How often are writers expected to post? That's up to you, but once or twice a month would be good.

You don't need to create an account to get published on RAWinfopages. You can simply write in Word or some other word processor and email it to us. See Write for us.