6 Safari extensions that will increase productivity on your Mac

6 ways to increase productivity with Safari extensions on the Mac

We are all faced with increasing workloads and busy social lives, so if you are not managing to get everything done that needs doing, these 6 Safari extensions will increase your productivity.

There are a variety of tools here and while you could install all of them, you can also just pick your favourites.

Inevitably this is a personal collection and other people might have a different collection of favourite productivity extensions. Tell us about the extensions you have in the comments at the bottom of the page.

All these extensions are from the Safari Extensions gallery. To find an extension:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to the Safari menu and select Safari Extensions
  3. Click Categories and then Productivity
  4. Click the Install Now link to add an extension

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OneNote Web Clipper

By: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft OneNote extension for Safari on the Apple Mac

OneNote is a Microsoft app and you need a Microsoft account to use it. Microsoft has some great Mac software and, of course, PC software, so you might already have an account. It is free to sign up at the onedrive.com website and that is where OneNote stores its files.

OneNote is a research tool and it enables you to store text, images, URLs and other data in notebooks. These notebooks can be accessed on any computer or mobile device and it is a very useful free app.

When you see something interesting on a website and you want to save it, click the OneNote icon in the Safari toolbar and a menu is displayed - Full page, Region, Article and Bookmark.

Full page stores the whole web page. Region turns the cursor into crosshairs and you drag over the page to select the area to save. Article is a great option and it extracts the text and images from the body, discarding all the web page junk like adverts, sand saves a clean article to your OneNote notebook.

This is a great extension for taking notes, researching and collecting resources for a project.

Grammarly for Safari

By: Grammarly

Grammarly for Safari on the Apple Mac corrects your typing slips

Grammarly is a website that provides writing aids and it can analyse text and highlight spelling errors, punctuation problems and bad grammar.

You can visit the website and paste text into the editor there, but this is a pain and the Safari extension is much more convenient.

Whenever you have to enter text into a web page, the Grammarly extension watches what is being type. It underlines spelling and grammar errors as you type, so you can see mistakes in real-time.

Move the mouse over a highlighted word and Grammarly displays a pop-up box describing the problem and highlighting solutions, such as corrected grammar or spelling. The screenshot shows it in action when typing a comment at the bottom of this page. Grammarly works nearly everywhere.

In the bottom right corner of the text box is a red number and this shows how many mistakes are in the text. Click it and you can edit the text in a pop-up Grammarly window.

An account is required at the Grammarly website, but it is free. This is an excellent extension that will improve your writing.


By: Bumblebee Systems Inc

Check where you spend most of your time with this Safari browser extension

The internet is a huge distraction and it is so tempting to visit your favourite websites when you are supposed to be working. Checking on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites just wastes time.

To see how much time you are wasting on websites, add the WasteNoTime extension to Safari. It records how much time is spent on each of the websites you visit.

Your time online is displayed as a chart, which shows the most visited websites today, this week and this month.

If you are finding the web a distraction, there is a Lockdown feature that blocks the web for however long you want, from a few minutes to a several hours.

However, you can also add sites to blocked and allowed lists. There is an option to allow access to sites on the allowed list, so you could block Facebook, but allow Wikipedia for example.

Knowing where you waste time, you can reduce the time spent on the sites or block them. You will then be able to get more work done.

Boards for Trello

By Paul Ferrett

Use Gingerly with your friends and have fun writing resournes

Trello is a fantastic productivity tool that is like a to-do list on steroids. It enables you to create tasks, add notes, schedule deadlines and more.

That might sound like every other to-do list tool, but the difference is in the interface. In Trello you create boards and you create cards and add them to lists. Other people can be invited to join and tasks can be assigned to them, comments can be added and so on.

Boards for Trello is a very simple extension that displays a list of your Trello boards. You can then click one to open it in a Safari tab.

It therefore makes accessing Trello a simple matter of two clicks. If you are a Trello user you will appreciate how useful this extension is. If you don’t have Trello, then sign up for a free account, it is brilliant.

The Suspender

By: Brian Watkins

Suspender puts a Safari tab to sleep to save memory, CPU, and battery power

When you are out with your MacBook and are working away from the mains power, you need the battery to last as long as possible. The MacBook has one of the longest battery lives of any laptop, but even so, you can find yourself running out of juice before the day is over.

Have you ever left home without charging your MacBook? You open it up and discover that it is down to 30% or 40%? Panic sets in as you realise you won’t be able to work for very long on it.

The Suspender is designed to help with the battery life and it suspends tabs in Safari. This stops anything from running, downloading or accessing the internet. It provides more CPU power, more memory and longer battery life.

Whenever you want to stop a tab, but don’t want to close it and lose the site, click the big S button in the Safari toolbar to suspend it. Click the link on the page displayed to resume normal operation.

This is a simple extension, but one that can be very useful at times.


By: Ginger Software

Ginger extension for Safari on the Apple Mac

This extension is a spelling and grammar checker that is in some ways like Grammarly. However, Ginger has extra features that might make you prefer this extension.

As you type into forms, comment boxes and other things on web pages, Gingerly watches. It you make a spelling error or grammar mistake, the problem word is highlighted. 

Let the mouse hover over a highlighted error and the whole sentence with the corrected spelling and grammar is displayed. You can choose to accept it and the sentence is replaced by the corrected version. If there are two or more errors in a sentence, it corrects them all.

Click the Ginger button in the Safari toolbar and a panel opens on the right side of the browser. Open the menu and you have access to several tools. Write enables you to enter text and have it checked for spelling and grammar.

Ginger can also rephrase the text and it produces several variations, by looking up synonyms of words it seems. This can be a useful way change dull or repetitive text.

The Translate option converts the language to another language. Define shows definitions of words and Synonyms shows alternatives to words. Text can be copied and pasted into Safari or some other app.

Ginger offers a bunch of useful tools for writing that will make your text more accurate and interesting.



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