Where are your photos really stored on the Mac's disk drive?

Owl photoiPhoto does a great job of organising your all of your digital photos. You just have to plug in an iPhone, iPad or digital camera and it imports all the snapshots you have taken and it stores them on the disk drive. It even organises them for you. But where exactly does it put them and how do you access them outside of iPhoto?

There are several reasons why you might want to do this and one is to use an alternative photo editor, and another is to make a copy of an image. Perhaps you want to upload some photos to a website, or incorporate them into other software.

It can be useful to know where photos are stored and how to access them.

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One way to find out where a specific photo is, is to start iPhoto and to select the thumbnail image. Select File, Reveal in Finder. Choose Original File to open a Finder window with the photo selected. If the image has been edited in iPhoto there is an option to open Finder with the modified file selected.

Get the disk location of a photo

Control+click or Command+click the folder title and the path is revealed. The original photos are stored in subfolders of Masters. There is a subfolder for each year and then a subfolder for each month.

Finder on the Mac

You can get to this folder through Finder, but it isn’t obvious how to do this. Open a Finder window and go to your Pictures folder (home/Pictures). You’ll see an item called iPhoto Library.photolibrary. This is actually a folder on the disk drive, but double clicking it just opens iPhoto. You must right click it and select Show Package Contents.

Photo Library in Finder on the Mac

Once in that folder you can open Masters and gain access to the original photos. Just copy them to someplace else in the usual way.





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