XnConvert is the best image converter for the Mac by far

Batch convert and process images on the Apple Mac

When you need to convert images from one format to another, what’s your favourite software? XnConvert for the Apple Mac is one of the most powerful you’ll find. What’s more, it’s free!

Photos saved from your phone or digital camera, or clipart downloaded from the web, are often the wrong dimensions, the wrong DPI, or simply the wrong file format for what you need.

You might have large high resolution images that you want to put on a web page or email, and they need to be reduced in size. You might have files in .png format that you want in .jpg format, or .jpg images you need as .tif. You might have a batch of images that are too dark, too light, the wrong DPI and so on.

XnConvert is a free app that can not only convert from one file format to another, but also apply lots of photo manipulation functions too. Everyone that works with images should have a copy of this app on their Mac and it can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for nothing.

The Input tab

The app does not have any menus, well, apart from the one that enables you to quit. Instead it uses tabs.

This simple interface works perfectly and the first tab is where you select the image files to be converted. There are buttons to select files and folders, but it is easier to just drag and drop them from a Finder window.

They appear as thumbnails and it displays little tags showing whether they contain GPS, exif and other information.

XnConvert image format converter for the Apple Mac

The Actions tab

After selecting the files, you then select the Actions tab and choose what actions you want to apply. If you just want to convert from one file format to another, such as .jpg to .png then this step can be skipped.

The actions are what makes this app so useful though. Any number can be selected and there are around 80 of them, organised into four groups - Image, map, Filter and Misc.

There are too many actions to list and here are just a few: resize, crop, mirror, rotate, set DPI, replace colour, equalize, exposure, levels, sepia, temperature, emboss, sharpen, soften, and dozens more.

Each of these actions has detailed settings, you can choose multiple actions and place them in the order you want. Each action in the list is applied to each image.

XnConvert image format converter for the Apple Mac

The Output tab

This tab is where you select the folder to save the converted images, whether to change the filenames, what to change them to, what file type to save as, and a few more settings.

Then you just have to click Convert and wait for XnConvert to do its work. The time taken will depend on the number of photos and actions, and how fast your Mac is of course. It could take many minutes to complete if the lists of files and actions are long.

XnConvert image format converter for the Apple Mac

This is a great free utility and is recommended if you need to batch convert images and apply lots of changes, including changing the file type.

Title: XnConvert (Mac App Store) 
Price: Free
Developer: Pierre Gougelet
Size: 17.4MB
OS X: 10.7 or later
Verdict: A brilliant free tool that is recommended.





I was able to convert my images to JPGor Tiff with iWinSoft Image Converter for Mac, and it work fine.

XnConvert is the best free image convert/editing tool, hands down. Lots of features and totally free! Show them some love with donation (i just gave them $10)! I just googled this "iWinSoft Image Converter" the other commenter mentioned. It is $19.95...

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